Platform & Data Engineering

The Platform Engineering teams make complex technology easy to use and support company initiatives with specialist knowledge such as data science, cloud architecture or business application integration. We are broadly divided into three areas: Data - covering Data Engineering and Data Science/AI topics; Application Platform - covering "All Things Cloud", SRE and Software Delivery; and Employee Tech - covering Business Applications and employee productivity, including our office infrastructure across Europe. Platform Engineering follows a product approach to ensure we invest our resources in the most valuable way and our internal customers have an enjoyable experience working with us and our platform products.

Our Data teams build our data platform, following the Data Mesh approach. They provide tooling for data ingestion, processing, storage, data quality and data access. They also work on increasing data literacy across the company and support other teams on initiatives involving complex data flows. Our Data Science teams work on machine learning models, such as search ranking, recommender systems, fraud detection and customer success. They follow MLOps principles with fast iterations on their models in direct collaboration with our product engineering teams.

Application Platform is developing and supporting infrastructure products for all our engineering teams and champions SRE principles within AutoScout24. They provide standardized solutions for cloud management, software delivery, compute infrastructure, traffic management, observability and reliability. With this tooling, infrastructure, CI/CD pipelines and also monitoring are expressed as code, fostering DevOps principles and enabling our practice of "You build it, you run it".

Employee Technology runs all business applications that make AutoScout24 tick, such as HR or Finance, and provides every employee with top-notch IT equipment. Their goal is that every employee has the same, great IT experience, no matter if they work from home or in any of our European offices. This includes networking, video conferencing, media tech, productivity tools and collaboration solutions. Their constant drive for automation and self-service means you can get a missing cable or headset from a vending machine even when you're alone in the office.