Product Engineering

Product Engineering is the biggest block of the organization. It consists of multiple teams across three bigger organizational parts with different purposes.

Seller Success Group #

Our group owns all functionality to amaze dealers and private sellers. We provide UI and API access for dealers to create and manage listings, buy on-top products and to pull statistics data. At the core, we own the Listing Creation API. For private sellers we provide the UI to create listings and chose between listing them on our marketplace or directly making an appointment with a dealer.

Buyer Success Group #

The “Buyer Success Group” deeply cares about the buyer. We relentlessly work on supporting the consumer in their journey of purchasing a dream car.

Search & Performance Group #

We build the core products matching buyers (demand) with relevant cars (supply), providing the best possible experience while serving mutual interests. Our search is powered by machine learning models which interprete the buyer's intent, match it against the stock of available cars, and rank the result based on a secret sauce.

Our product responsibilities also include the so-called "performance products" – hence the name of our product group. These are premium products bookable by sellers to increase the performance of their listings. "Performance" in this context refers to business performance, meaning generating leads and sales, as opposed to technical performance.