Product Engineering

Product Engineering is the biggest block of the organization. It consists of multiple teams across three bigger organizational parts: Seller Success, Buyer Success and Search & Performance with different purposes. Find a small selection of different teams below:

Mobile Apps #

The app teams build the branded and white-label Android and iOS apps of AutoScout24. Structured in three cross-functional mission teams - Search, Growth and Strategic Initiatives, we're following tenets of Trunk Based Development, emphasize SOLID principles to write testable code and have biweekly release trains. We have regular platform meetings, guild chats and help each other develop through regular Code Kata excercises. Our tech stack on Android is Kotlin, Coroutines, Compose, LiveData. On iOS it's Swift, Combine and Cocoapods. Both Android and iOS utilise interpretations of Clean Architecture as the basic principle of project organisation and use GraphQL to fetch data from the APIs that the other teams provide.

Trust & Identity #

The Trust & Identity team focuses on the mission of making AutoScout24 a safe and trustworthy product online. We build systems that make sure that people can securely signup and login to our platform as well as systems that detect and fight fraudulent users and their fake cars everywhere online. We are deeply integrated in all teams at AutoScout24, which makes our work mission-critical and also challenging, in a fun way! We mostly use Scala and AWS but also have components written in C# and Node.js. Each person in our team comes from a different country and we like to finish every week with a cold beer together, be it online or in person! 😎

Dealer Core Services #

The Dealer Core Services (DCS) team provides professional car sellers with administration UIs to manage their stock, profile data along with some other convenience features. The second major part is the ownership of the Customer Domain entity, which includes syncing of data with our CRM system and providing data to whomever needs it to build their products.

MarTech #

The Marketing technology team (MarTech) facilitates data-driven processes in marketing operations. From advertisements tracking to reporting, we build and maintain marketing data lake, perform advance analytics and collect insights to solve marketing optimization problems.

User Growth Addressable Audience #

At AutoScout24 we want to amaze our customers and for this we need to learn more about them. The Addressable Audience is focused on building the best registration and login user experience and on providing additional benefits for being a registered member of AutoScout24.

Listing Creation API #

AutoScout24 is API centric! The API team provides the ever-growing feed of millions of car listings and supports a whole range of highly-scalable backend services to guarantee a timely creation of listings and their availability on our platform.

Transaction United #

This team is building solutions for professional car sellers which allow them to provide finance product to the buyers. Since AutoScout24 is a big player on car market we have plenty of data which could support decision taking by buying cars and this exactly what are working on currently.

Search Relevance #

The Search Relevance team aggregates and enhances the information from multiple teams and data flows into a "findable car". Our mission is to understand what the user is looking for and instantaneously offer them a result set that delights and engages them - exactly what they've been looking for. For that we collaborate closely with our colleagues from the Data Science team. We own the Listing Search API that powers both the web and the native apps of Autoscout24.

Search Experience #

Web Search and List Page is our game - continuously improving and enhancing the user experience for every country and language we're supporting. Working mobile first, focusing on clarity and accessibility of information and putting the most important controls at user's fingertips is what we do. We love to talk to our users and AB test to continuously improve our products. Our mission is to give the user a simple search control and a transparent overview of the offering so that they can proceed to diving into the details of the cars they like most.

Convert Web #

Enable dive into details, build up trust and connect buyers to sellers is our mission. We foster the web detail page, making sure that most important details are clear at first glance and make the user dive deeper to discover further data on the vehicle and the seller. Ultimately we're successful if the user got excited and feels great to contact the seller in any of the multiple ways: Email, WhatsApp, Call.

Listing Flow and Quality #

If you're selling a car on the web, you come to us. We know how important a good description of your car is to have it sold best price in no time. That's why we're continuously upgrading the user experience for car sellers across Europe. Our missing is to enable you create an attractive high quality listing out of your car and manage it as you get calls and talk to buyers.

Convert Partners #

Isn't it useful to know how much you'd pay for a car loan for a particular car? An how much you can insure it for? And even take the next step and actually apply for that car loan and that insurance - that's where we enable you. Our mission is to take car market transparency to the next level, connecting particular cars with our financial, insurance and technical inspection partners all around Europe and providing our user the relevant information next to the car on the detail page in web and apps.

Taxonomy #

At Taxonomy, we manage, group, and organize vehicle data, so others don't have to. We build and maintain a repository of structured data that is at the base of a range of features in AutoScout24. We collect vehicle data from numerous sources, match it into our ecosystem, and provide easy access. This helps sellers to create high quality listings and users to discover cars based on criteria that are important to them.

Dealer Marketing & Monetization #

The DMM team is responsible for our so-called “Performance Products”. These products improve the visibility and business performance (e.g. views and leads) of listings and can be booked by dealers in addition to their subscription. To be able to improve the performance it’s essential that the products have a good balance between the interests of dealers and buyers.