Insights & Analytics

The Insights & Analytics Team is a key player to make AutoScout24 a fully data-driven company. Our goal is to deeply understand our users, customers and markets based on our data. And based on this to create business value out of it.

We are deeply involved in the core of our business and integrated in our cross-functional teams. As an analytical sparring partner to our management and business, we are creating insights and ensuring a fully data-driven decision making. Finally, we work side-on-side with the product teams to enhance their data skills, to support and empower them to access, analyze and understand the data by their own.

To bring the idea of a data-driven business to life, we are applying the full bandwidth of our analytical landscape, e.g. Google Analytics, SQL, Python, Microstrategy, and join different sources, e.g. data lake, BigQuery and other external sources.