Hiring Process

Our Hiring Process #

If you’re wondering about our hiring process atAutoScout24, you’ve come to the right place. We work hard to create an environment that appeals to the very bestpeople in the industry. We appreciate different lifestyles and cultural backgrounds. Diversity is our strength; we bring in new perspectives and ideas which makes our teams successful. We we’ve done a good job so far, but don’t just take our word for it... see for yourself why life is good at AutoScout24. Comeand join our team!

Interview Process: #

Send us your CV and introduce yourself. We personally review every CV.

Each role has different requirements. We will let you know if the role you applied for requires an assessment.

Let’s get to know each other. We feel that it is important that you like us as well,so please ask us questions. We will chat with you via video call.

Someone from our hiring committee will contact you directly during the final stage.


Do you offer international relocation support?
Yes, for eligible roles we offer international relocation support including work visasponsorship to help you relocate and settle into your new environment.Relocation options may vary according to individual circumstances.

How long does the hiring process take?
From application to decision, our hiring process should take up to 2 -3 weeks. If you receive an offer and are based locally, you can expect to come on board as early as 2 weeks after accepting the offer. For international candidates relocating to Germany, you can expect to come on board after 4 to 8 weeks of accepting the offer depending on visa processing and relocation arrangements.

Will international relocation cover my family?
Yes, for eligible roles our international relocation support also covers your spouseand children, including dependent (non-work) visa sponsorship.

I cannot speak German. Can I still apply for positions at AutoScout24?
Yes, AutoScout24’s business language is English. However, some roles that require you to speak German, but this will be listed in the job description. We also offer German language classes.

What type of assessments do you have?
Not all roles at AutoScour24 require an assessment, however where there is a need we use different types of assessments to test for job fit including take home test cases, coding assignments or aptitude tests.

What type of benefits does AutoScout24 offer?
We offer a comprehensive benefits program to complement your life at AutoScout24, including: Flexible working hours, 30 days of holiday per year, development budget for training, conferences, German language classes, etc., company pension plan, Corporate benefits website, subsidized canteen and cafeteria, and more...

What’s your standard hiring process?
We hire in four steps: application, assessment, interview and decision. For some roles, you may be asked for an interview first and then assessment, or no assessment at all. For international candidates not based in Munich, you can expect to be interviewed via video. In the advanced stages, hiring managers mayfly-in you in for face-to-face interviews, but due to the Corona situation all of our interviews are done via video.

When can I expect a response after I apply?
We try to respond to you within a week of applying, however due to the volume of applications this may take longer. If you haven’t heard from us in two months about an application, it’s likely we proceeded with other candidates for that particular role. However, our recruiters may reach out if we find a different potential match for your skills, interests, and experience.

How will I be evaluated?
We evaluate you on how well your background, experiences and passions match the core responsibilities of the role and the four AutoScout24 values.

  • Data Driven
  • One Team
  • Learning
  • Proactive

What’s it like living in Munich?
Munich is an amazing city to live in and home to AutoScout24 headquarters. Munich is the perfect balance of modern lifestyle with a multicultural feel. We have excellent public transportation, from the metro, tram, local trains to buses. We are short car ride away from Austria, Switzerland, Italy and France to visit on the weekend.